Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ugli Fruit

"Ugli Fruit"

Yesterday I posted a photo of a fruit I found at my local Publix labeled "Uniq Fruit". After a brief search today, I found it to be more commonly called "Ugli Fruit". I was curious. I bought it.

This thing is ugly. I mean, the name is apt. It is really, really ugly. It looks like a moldy, misshapen grapefruit.

This is a Jamaican fruit which appears to be a hybrid of possibly 3 different fruits - orange, tangerine, and grapefruit - but was found originally growing wild. Not a bad way to blend three good citrus fruits. So you get the sour side of the orange, the sweet side of the tangerine, and the bitter side of the grapefruit.

There was little hint of the bitter side. It definitely leaned more towards the sour and sweet side, like a tangelo - but the bitterness was there a bit. It was also far juicier than a tangelo. Pretty crazy taste. I'm curious about what I could cook with it.

Any crazy fruits you've tried? Let me know!

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